Privacy Policy

Here are the privacy rules for Please read them carefully. They only apply to Pharmainquiry and not any other company.


What Information We Collect:

Before you sign up, we need both your personal and business details. This helps us know who you are and how to promote your business.

How We Use Your Information:

We use your info to give you better services and communicate with you. Some services are free, some are paid. We may also send you emails, calls, or texts about products.

Sharing Your Information:

We try not to share your personal info, unless we have your permission or in special cases. We don’t show your email to anyone. But we may share account info if someone is causing problems.

How We Send Information:

We send emails about products and services. We may also send mails to users who show interest in a product. You can control the info you get in your account settings.

Updating Your Information:

You can change your account details by logging in or contacting us. It may take time for changes to show up.

Keeping Your Information Safe:

We don’t sell your data to others. But be careful with your info online, as it’s not always 100% secure.

Google and Cookies:

We use Google ads, which may use cookies to show you relevant ads based on your interests.

Changes to Privacy Policy:

We update our policies regularly. Check our website for the latest updates.

Copyright and Content:

We have permission to use product images in our app. We follow Google and Apple’s rules about content.

User Experience:

We make sure images load fast and look good on mobile devices.

Types of Images:

We collect different types of images, like product pictures and logos.

Why We Collect Image Data:

We collect images to list products, improve user experience, and check product quality.

Using Image Data:

We use images to show products, improve search, and personalize the app.

Sharing Image Data:

We may share images with suppliers and others to improve the app, but we don’t sell them for marketing.

User Rights:

You can manage your images on our app. Contact us if you need help.

Keeping Image Data Safe:

We use standard security measures to protect your images.

How Long We Keep Image Data:

We keep images as long as we need to or as required by law.

Updates to Privacy Policy:

We may update this policy. We’ll let you know about any changes.

Contact Us:

If you have questions about your image data, email us at