Pharma Inquiry is a portal which was started about 5 years back with its Head office at Gurugram. The concept behind starting this portal was to bring the Pharma marketing professionals and the Pharma PCD franchise or manufacturing companies together for their mutual benefit and growth. 

We understand that no PCD company can grow without adding new franchise every month and for that the company needs genuine and verified leads. We offer exactly that. We generate leads by various methods and various platforms like we continuously do SEO of our portal to increase traffic and generate inquiries, advertisements on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram is done methodically to get direct calls from interested franchise seekers and encourage their visit to our portal.

We also give ad of our long-term associates on Facebook and Instagram to popularize their company name among the target audience. We feel that if an interested person has seen your advertisement time and again, the name of your company gets registered in his brain. When your executive calls and introduce the company then the person who has seen your ad will be able to recall and correlate and will have a positive impression as compared to a company which is totally unknown to him.

On the other hand, your company advertisement on our portal is an additional advantage to our associates. On our portal, we create your sliders and banners on various categories. We develop your webpage or landing page where we give link of your email address and website where your company’s contact details are given. So, anyone who visits your website through our portal can contact you directly. This way you get direct inquiries which are exclusively for you.


Buy Leads Silver (Trial package)

250 leads for 10000/- + 18% GST

Per lead cost = 40/-

Buy leads Gold Package

750 leads for 27000/- + 18% GST

Per lead cost = 36/-

Buy leads Diamond

3000 leads for 96000/-

Per lead cost = 32/-

No time limit, you can buy leads as per your present-day requirement. You are not forced to buy specified number of leads within a specified time. This saves a lot of money for example if your


  1. executive has gone on leave or left and you don’t need leads then you stop buying and when executive returns you start buying. So, there is no leads lapse on our portal.

  2. Sufficient number of leads are generated on our portal and activated after verification.

  3. Though, there are very remote chances that the phone number of a lead is wrong, but if so, it will be replaced.


Kindly visit our portal and REGISTER for free. Select your package, make payment and the leads will be credited to your account and you can start buying immediately.